Avalon Shamanism

Follow where your soul leads


What is Avalon?

You may have heard of it through Arthurian legends or popular fiction. It is:

A place in our world, sometimes in Glastonbury;

A place in the dream-time, accessible by spirit journey;

An ancient mystery tradition with a focus on healing.

One of the ancient traditions of Western Europe & North America, the practice of the druids.

Classes & Workshops

Jewelry & Art

Healing & Clearing

Why choose Pathwalks?

Sarah Wibberley

Born in Cornwall, England.      Over 20 years of studies in druidry and energy work.   Residing in Ottawa Canada.

Otherworld Treasures

Convenient central location for classes and products : 34 McArthur

(individual sessions may alsobe available in the Kanata)

A Variety of Classes

Form informal gatherings to afternoon one off workshops to in depth year long intensives.

A Variety of Products

Spirit speaks through stones, crystals and images. I listen and bring the energy to you with necklaces, bracelets and spiritual photography.

Our projects


Mission: Saving the World — Healing the Wasteland

Step 1

Dream Big!

Work on You.

Empower Yourself.

Learn personal sovereignty. 

Do some cleansing.                             

Adorn with inspirational jewelry & art.

Step 2


Work with Others.

Empower Nature.

Learn the cycle of the seasons.

Hang out with some inspirational people.

Chat to the Gods.

Step 3


Be You.

Empower Everything.

Live the cycle in balance and radiate out health that touches all around you.

What our clients say

Sarah is not afraid to get deep and she'll do the work to get there. Sarah's focus has been an inspiration to me for years and I truly admire her commitment and experience with this path. Working with Sarah has given me the confidence to connect to my own inner wisdom and be brave enough to listen to the messages I'm granted to hear. Thank you for your compassion and dedication Sarah, you've given me more than you know.


Student of Avalon



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